Video: The Hydraulic Press Channel Has a Red Hot Way To Drill Ice Fishing Holes


Here’s one way to make a hole in the ice:

Take 45 pounds of steel, heat it until red hot, drop it on the ice and then wait. There’s something oddly satisfying about watching the hot steel melt through the ice.

(Video contains language NSFW at the 8:10 mark)

Now, this method doesn’t hold a candle to a K-Drill auger, in fact, that’s our preferred choice over just about anything these days, but it never hurts to think outside the box. It takes a few moments for the steel to break entirely through the ice, but you have to stay until the end.

Eventually the steel breaks through the ice, and it takes the guy’s stick/hook device with it; pretty funny! However, we sort of buried the lead a little here. When the video shows the steel sink under the ice in slow motion, make sure you have your volume up because the guy’s slow motion laugh is epic.

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