This Texan just pulled a monster out of Lake Texoma, but what kind of weird horned fish is that?!

Blake Wilson, of Collinsville, Texas, noticed something particularly odd floating out in the water, and it’s the last thing you would expect to find in your fishing honey hole.

There aren’t a lot of details on the story yet, but it sounds like Wilson spotted the buck struggling out in the water, and instantly sprung into action to save the deer. Fortunately, the buck offered several “handles” for Blake to grab onto, and that’s exactly what he did to rescue the trophy animal.

With an antler in each hand, Wilson dragged the deer back to shore from a boat, where it regained his footing and walked away unharmed. The story is gaining all kinds of attention, so stay tuned as more details emerge.



Image courtesy Facebook

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9 thoughts on “Video: Hunter Rescues Non-Typical Buck from Drowning in Lake

  1. Not much chance that buck was drowning . Deer swim a lot more than most folks think. Just another case of somebody wanting his 15 min of facebook fame.

    1. These are the dumbest replies I have ever seen. Deer drown every day especially up North. I and my dad pulled three does out of the water in one day. Ice was going out and they were trapped in open water SINKING. Talk about someone looking for 15 min. of fame.

  2. Deer are also wild animals that won’t let you just come up and grab them if it’s not in serious trouble. You can clearly tell that buck was in bad shape. Completely exhausted! He saved it for sure. Well, until next deer season anyway.

    1. It’s easy to motor up next to a swimming deer. That is why it is illegal to kill or harass deer in the water. TDGF
      Should have already paid this young man a visit

    2. True, you can easily motor up to one. However, you’re not going to grab his antlers and effortlessly drag him if he’s okay. You’d have to be an idiot to think you could. There could have been multiple factors. How long had he been swimming? Post rut and weak? Been running for miles from dogs? Or many other possibilities. Either way the guy helped him out.

  3. This was taken at Lake texoma, just happened not long ago. As they pulled up, the deer went under multiple times. Apparently took 20 mins to get to shore

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