Video: Hunter Rescues Non-Typical Buck from Drowning in Lake


This Texan just pulled a monster out of Lake Texoma, but what kind of weird horned fish is that?!

Blake Wilson, of Collinsville, Texas, noticed something particularly odd floating out in the water, and it’s the last thing you would expect to find in your fishing honey hole.

There aren’t a lot of details on the story yet, but it sounds like Wilson spotted the buck struggling out in the water, and instantly sprung into action to save the deer. Fortunately, the buck offered several “handles” for Blake to grab onto, and that’s exactly what he did to rescue the trophy animal.

With an antler in each hand, Wilson dragged the deer back to shore from a boat, where it regained his footing and walked away unharmed. The story is gaining all kinds of attention, so stay tuned as more details emerge.



Image courtesy Facebook

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