Video: Moose Charges Group of Hikers Trapped by Deep Snow


A group of hikers had a frightening experience when they came across an unusually cranky moose that charged them several times, and at one point even trapped them from getting to safety.

According to Fox 13, Salt Lake City, the hike was organized through, which resulted in 14 people snowshoeing and backpacking the Ogden Canyon trail one Saturday morning. About a mile up the trail, the hike took a wild turn when one of the hiker’s dogs crossed paths with the moose, which is likely what startled it, sending the moose into defensive mode.

The moose ran down the trail past some members of the group, and charged right toward the other half of the group, which was about a half-mile behind. That’s when David Vance pulled out his camera and started filming.

“He came by me, and looked at me and snorted as he went by,” David Vance said.

In all, the group says the moose charged three separate times. As well as capturing these videos, Vance was also able to snap some photos of the cow moose, as she sped past, ears pinned back and the hair on her back straight up. This moose meant business!

For some of the hikers, that was a bit more adrenaline than they had hoped for, and they tried to make their way back to the paring area, but there was a problem.

The moose had now ran down the trail, and blocked the way back to their cars. They were stuck, at least until the moose decided to leave the area, which probably took a lot longer than some wanted to wait.

What started out as just a fun group activity, turned into an adrenaline-packed Saturday morning for these hikers. The Meetup group said everyone on the trail made it out safely, just a little shaken up probably. This was a hike that no one in the group will soon forget!




Image courtesy Facebook

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