Heckler & Koch has already dominated the military market with their HK 416, but they have something new in store.

This is the first look at the all new HK433. We don’t have much to go off of since this is the only image out so far, but here is what we know. The HK433 rifle is a self described hybrid of the G36 and HK416. The New HK433 mates the gas system of the G36 with a traditional AR style lower so it should feel familiar. The addition of the gas system also eliminates the need for a buffer tube. This allows for a folding, or if desired a fixed, stock.  There also seems to be some sort of keymod rail up front which should satisfy military mounting needs.

We will continue to provide updates as more details are announced.

Image is a screen shot from imgur 

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5 thoughts on “There’s A New Sheriff In Town: Meet the HK 433 Rifle Coming to a Military Near You

  1. Are you sure it’s name is not the H&K SCAR 16? It really looks like some German engineers have been reverse engineering what some Belgian engineers created. The folding stock looks like a complete plagiarizing of the FN SCAR folding stock to the barrel attachment point just forward of the magazine well to the slot in the handguard just above the barrel where the obviously ambidextrous charging handle attaches.

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