Effective Immediately: Statewide Shed Hunting Closure


Effective as of February 3, shed antler gathering in ALL of Utah – on both public and private land – has been shut down until April 1.

On Feb. 2, Division of Wildlife Resources Director Greg Sheehan signed an emergency order to close shed antler gathering across the state of Utah. The order supersedes a January 31 order, which closed shed antler gathering in only 11 counties.

Why the change?

After the first closure was signed on Jan. 31, concerns were raised about shed antler gatherers moving to counties that were still open, putting additional pressure on deer and elk in those counties.

“Although winter conditions are generally less severe in the southern portions of the state,” Sheehan said, “snowpack is still above average, and deer and elk are stressed.”

Closing shed antler gathering statewide “will eliminate a major source of human-caused disturbance to deer and elk during the periods they are most exposed and vulnerable,” said the order signed by Sheehan.



Image courtesy Flickr

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