These gripping photos show the scene of a life-or-death battle between a mother moose defending her calf and a pack of hungry wolves .

Although the moose dwarfs the attacking wolves, her efforts may not be enough to keep her young safe.

In this incredible photo sequence, the enormous moose takes a defensive stand against 5 wolves in a small pond in Alaska as the wolves plot to kill the newborn moose:

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The mother moose charges at a wolf as she does everything in her power to prevent her newborn from becoming lunch.

One by one, the wolves close in on the young calf. The scene erupts with splashes of water, as the massive moose tramples over any wolf that intends to harm her newborn.

The wolves finally get to the young moose and it appears the mothers efforts are futile.

But she is not ready to give up, as she tramples over the wolves, freeing her calf once again. The nervous calf sticks as close to mom as possible.

Despite her strength and desperate efforts, the ending is inevitable as her baby is eventually dragged off by the relentless pack of wolves. Patrick Endrews, a wildlife photographer from Alaska, watched in awe as this incredible scene unfolded right before his eyes in Denali National Park.

“It was a scene of mixed emotion, adrenaline and lots of shutter clicks,” Endrews said. I’ve heard of similar predator-prey encounters from colleagues over the years, but I’ve never had the chance to see one myself.”

“After nearly 30 years of visiting the park, I guess my turn finally emerged. The attack lasted about 10 minutes from the time the wolf pack surrounded the moose until they killed the calf and dragged it to the tundra.”

Here is the video of this epic life-or-death battle as it unfolded:

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