Video: A Man’s Pet Squirrel Stopped a Burglar From Stealing His Guns


You’ve heard of guard dogs before, but would you trust a squirrel with the duties of protecting your home? It appears a pet squirrel named Joey is more than up for the task.

Adam Perl told KIVI when he walked into his home on February 7 he got an uneasy feeling and began to notice something was off. He found doors opened, things moved around and scratches on his gun safe.

Pearl called the police and Officer Ashley Turner came out to look around.

While writing her report, Pearl’s unusual pet startled Officer Turner, who scurried between her legs while inspecting the crime scene. What Turner didn’t know, was little Joey would be the key component to busting the perpetrator.

See, when Officer Turner was questioning a suspect she noticed scratches all up and down his hands and arms, a dead give away. The man said Joey, the pet squirrel, wouldn’t stop attacking him from the moment he stepped into the house until he left.

Pearl rewarded his brave little security guard with his favorite treat – Whoppers candy.

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