Hearing Protection Act Picks Up Over 100 Co-Sponsors in House


The bill we’ve been keeping our eyes on, which would remove suppressors from National Firearm Act regulations, is (ironically) making a lot of noise on Capitol Hill.

The Hearing Protection Act, introduced as H.R. 367, has now picked up over 100 co-sponsors with the goal being to deregulate suppressors as a safety measure to help promote their use in hearing protection.

“Reaching 100 cosponsors in the House clearly shows that the HPA has a tremendous amount of support, but there is still a lot of work to be done to get it to the President’s desk,” said Knox Williams, President and Executive Director of the American Suppressor Association.

“We are working very hard with Representatives Duncan and Carter, and Senator Crapo to turn this legislation into law as quickly as possible; however, it’s going to take time. As we continue our push to move this bill through the legislative process, we commend the 109 legislators in the House and Senate who have signed on in support of this common sense legislation to make the recreational shooting and hunting experiences safer for generations to come.”

The Hearing Protection Act will dramatically change the treatment of suppressors. The measure will make it easier for hunters and sportsmen to better protect their hearing, foregoing the strenuous requirements of the NFA, and instead require buyers to pass an NICS check. The same instantaneous background check you must pass during the sale of long guns.

Here is the list of Co-Sponsors found on Congress.gov:

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