The bill we’ve been keeping our eyes on, which would remove suppressors from National Firearm Act regulations, is (ironically) making a lot of noise on Capitol Hill.

The Hearing Protection Act, introduced as H.R. 367, has now picked up over 100 co-sponsors with the goal being to deregulate suppressors as a safety measure to help promote their use in hearing protection.

“Reaching 100 cosponsors in the House clearly shows that the HPA has a tremendous amount of support, but there is still a lot of work to be done to get it to the President’s desk,” said Knox Williams, President and Executive Director of the American Suppressor Association.

“We are working very hard with Representatives Duncan and Carter, and Senator Crapo to turn this legislation into law as quickly as possible; however, it’s going to take time. As we continue our push to move this bill through the legislative process, we commend the 109 legislators in the House and Senate who have signed on in support of this common sense legislation to make the recreational shooting and hunting experiences safer for generations to come.”

The Hearing Protection Act will dramatically change the treatment of suppressors. The measure will make it easier for hunters and sportsmen to better protect their hearing, foregoing the strenuous requirements of the NFA, and instead require buyers to pass an NICS check. The same instantaneous background check you must pass during the sale of long guns.

Here is the list of Co-Sponsors found on

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66 thoughts on “Hearing Protection Act Picks Up Over 100 Co-Sponsors in House

  1. Just on ebig question about “saving hearing blah blah” when search reveals Silencer Mfgs got NRA to push Bills. IF hearing is being damaged as so many “experts”, elected (KA Lobby money) and others claim.. then it will happen, some lawyer(s) will latch onto this “Fact” stated by some many and start a damage suit against gun/ammo mfgs for selling guns/ammo “That as fact reveal damage and hearing loss blah blah, most likely Class Actions as that is where big dollars happen. And possibly if they can prove mfgs “Knew” guns damage/hearing loss, did not provide ear muffs etc, can go back in time for more funds

    Anyone who doubts this will happen must think all those ads you see by lawyer/class actions for various stuff will NOT happen to gun/ammo mfgs is a fool. Way to much “evidence-experts” said it does damage…so wait for that one to blow up… or MFG’s will have to furnish ear protections as silencers will not work on most guns to any degree or shotguns, revolvers etc.. Be careful for what you wish and doubt Bill could avoid such stuff.. Better for all to leave it as it stands now….which is just fine with most, as anyone can get silencer OK., but have noted mfgs feel this is already passed as selling guns with threaded barrels..and as such might be first target for admission of hearing loss, but do not add muffs for those that cannot afford silencers,,

    Gun ranges etc might also be targets for not demanding muffs at all times, indoor or out… going to get “interesting” when lawyers get into it… and let’s not discuss what a great help it would be gangs and other criminals… lots more then NRA lobby money in this one, stop and think of it.. and just know military will love it if gunfire experts say combat weapons can do same.. lots of issues here, so before nasty reply etc, think on it. Suspect lawyers already have….as “experts-etc say ears damaged by gun fire….etc.

    1. What you are missing is the disclaimer in owners manual that shooting with out hearing protection is unsafe for your ears. Same concept of the label of your coffee Caution Hot…..

      1. What you miss is that most guns sold do not have the manual and neither does ammo.. so what happens there and most ranges to not mandate ear protections. Your’s is losing argument as not mandatory to read manual, Note safety warning stamped don gun barrels.. nothing on hearing. Seeing how lawyers sue other products this thing is ripe for lawsuits as experts/elected admit to hearing loss. Amusing how the picture in story does not show one hunting gun, and fact that silencer is ideal terrorist and gang gun.. but then nra blocked no guns for those on terrorist no fly lists, and rather cheap now days to buy elected, no surprises when silencer mfgs paid them for this law…only issue most never discuss is if nra can buy for this rule, then all gun laws up for sale, which could backfire.. note that silencer only works with low vel ammo… which will not work for purported hunting … just another tribute to lobby money.. not safety… Odds good many lawsuits will follow… wonder if they will sue folks/business for selling guns with no official warning .. and yes low vel is useless in most cases for other then those prancing about play spl ops etc.. Nearly every land owner I know is against this as they want to hear gun shots on their property to end trespass.. poachers and trespassers love it as do the prancers wanna be(s).

      2. What do you mean most guns don’t come with a manual ?

        Pre-owned guns don’t often come with a manual, but then neither do most pre-owned coffee makers.

        Btw, nobody is against this except Democrats. For Democrats it’s permissive – it doesn’t matter that it helps hearing, which it does, what matters to them is that they see it as encouraging to anyone who wants to own anything gun related, so they are against it.

        Guns do harm hearing, and there are a 100 million of them (at least) in this country.

      3. Well glad o see you admit guns cause hearing loss and totally ignored the distinct possibility of huge lawsuits. You are amusing in blaming D’s, but predictable. If you were an expert you post could be used as evidence that GUNS AND AMMO are disabling, and only a fool will think lawyes will not go after this one, perhaps even have law requires ear protectors sold with each gun, as experts like you warn about.. You did note not one gun show in photo is hunting gun, this stuff is just for those who want to play spl ops or such, noted you did not comment on poachers, gangs or criminal use of these things, not comment on fact silencer mfgs had nra pay off the pols.. Seem you ignored lots of facts but then expected by your ilk…amusing you cannot see big picture.. but not unexpected.. NOTE know lots of land owners not at all thrilled by this thing as trespasser’s not making gun shot noises as before. an one of them as have kicked hunters in trespass, off land when I heard shots..

      4. If you go with your thinking, we should ban sales of anything that could potentially harm someone. You can cry lawyer all day. It doesn’t take away the fact that banning silencers is an infringement of our 2nd Article Rights. Do I think some scumbag lawyer will attempt a class action? Probably. Those guys are always looking for a chance to steal money. I have real hearing damage from my 15 years on active duty in the US Army. At the range you can easily put on ears, but in a combat zone or a parking lot or your bedroom in the middle of the night, you don’t have that opportunity. I wouldn’t consider those situations as someone trying to play spec ops. I would appreciate the ability to have a silenced 9mm next to my bed without taxes, fees and licenses. I would also like to have my .45 in my vehicle a little quieter if I have to use it. People with your attitude towards our rights could also argue for banning 30 rounders or KSG shotguns. Stop infringing on MY rights.

      5. If you had actual proven her lost from Army, then you could get very good tax free disability retirement. Amusing how the paranoids of “gotta have mu gun to defend self-family-world etc” there is not “right” to have a silenced weapon anymore then a machine gun. Read up before you buy into “mu gunna b spl ops guy” etc. As land owner I want to know if anyone shooting on my land, hear shot.. for now nra sponsored with silencer mfg money for item that would be great for gangs, criminals, police and other ambush, and paranoids who wish to play spl ops or such. Note do not see any for shotguns and for “defense” well to work got to use low vel ammo. But nra assured all mfgs Bill could be bought from our for sale Congress and most making threaded barrels.. but as said, if “gun/ammo” did cause hearing loss as so many claim…then for sure lawyers will go after huge class actions.. and that will happen, fable that guns and ammos have a warning on them or any gun show can provide.. But interesting fact IF this is dangerous and warning not provided on used guns etc.. seller could get sued.. check out with a lawyer if you doubt it… Your “Rights” on guns ends at my space, remember that.. and FYI been shooting-hunting for decades and good enough to often use single shot, not so paranoid or poor shot to want ot play spl ops with 30rd mag..

      6. Hey jack, your rights to regulate me end at the end of your space as well. Remember that. What you do on your land is your business. What I will do in my country is mine and my Bill of Rights. The hearing Protection Act will pass. Accept it.
        Keep crying your lawyer BS and your poacher crap. I will leave you to your illusion of MY 2nd Article. I smell a troll any way.

      7. Just explaining the reality of the thing… and what will happen, it is called a open mind, unlike some of little or nor mind… Please show me what 2nd allows this sort of stuff and resticts your so called rights, as with machine gun restrictions, only delta is silence mfgs wanted more sales as way to many could not get lisences..same for ammo mfg of low velocity.. reality is for hundereds of years no silencer needed until lobby money flowed.. and yes most land owners do not want this law, and noted you dodged gangs, criminals and such from your rants… but I guess very important for you to shoot people from car and not make any noise… what a great rational…

      8. Trains cause hearing loss. So do truck air horns. So does large crowd cheering. So do radios, stereos, headphones, city traffic, jet engines……
        Get it yet?

      9. That is about a third grade post… and note some have sued and won for excessive noise from your dodge ball answer.. at third grade level… so child, be careful for what you wish for and now go put on your camo’s and go play

      10. NOTED NOT one of you children mentioned what will happen when silencers get into hands of gangs, criminals and other extremes, alt right folks.

      11. They are legal as any other firearm in MANY countries.In fact,some countries REQUIRE their use ! Bet you didn’t know that ,did you ? And if they were a problem in these countries they would definitely NOT be as available as they are.But you do not seem the least concerned about facts,logic or common sense.Go back to whatever it is a pitiful wretch like you should be doing and leave American law discussions to Americans that have comprehensible communication skills.

      12. Note, again attack the messenger to avoid a civil discussion on gangs, criminals, shotguns and possible law suits.. not unexpected when you do not have capability to reply to issues.. same ole same ole.. your constitutional scholars are amusing at best.. but not unexpected of nra lemmings..

      13. Nothing to discuss moron.Criminals use handguns in almost all reported cases.STOLEN handguns.Since they would likely have to obtain suppressors the same way,and there is no way to stop all theft,then the risk of criminal use is tiney compared to the very real and legitimate use by law abiding citizens.

      14. Note have been to EU and aware of such,. those nations not size of most our our States.. and they are very tough on gun ownership and few carry concealed handguns. seems you cherry pick data but do not give all of it.. Note citizens and vet.. so I am where I came from.. but your intolerance is way to typical of gunnies and guardhouse lawyers.. amusingly childish posts.

      15. And your stupidity is typical of liberal trolls…your reading comprehension is too low to have been a veteran.

      16. You do understand that criminals, almost all democrats, ignore the law and have them now if they want them. It seems they don’t want them because they’re hard to conceal.
        Go back to demoncrat underground, chuck2-dirtbag.

      17. Chuck2, you continue to imply that everyone that disagrees with you is lacking in intelligence. If you are going to claim intellectual superiority over others, you should at least be able to demonstrate that intelligence in your writing. Your writing so far has convinced me that you couldn’t put together a coherent thought even if there was a silencer-equipped gun pointed at your forehead demanding it. You made excuses in another post that the Internet gives you permission to express yourself poorly. Feel free to do so, but taking jabs at others’ intelligence while you can’t even clearly express your opinions is hypocrisy by definition. I’m sure 1776vtgmb has more than a GED because he runs circles around you in expressing his opinion.
        I believe there is hope for you. Perhaps once you level up from chuck2 to chuck3 you’ll be able to debate more effectively. I shudder to the think of what kind of blubbering idiot chuck1 was.

      18. Bwahahaha ! Great reply ! Love it ! He has to be stoned out of his mind to continually post such idiotic and poorly constructed ideas.He uses a hundred words where one would do.And still fails to make his point clearly.

      19. All they have to do is look on You Tube and they can get a detailed and step-by-step tutorial in the building of silencers.IF they wanted them,they would have them.You are the very definition of liberal zombie : all mouth and zero brains.

      20. You do realize that silencers (More accurately called “Supressors”) don’t actually make the gun silent right? They are still loud as hell, just not loud enough to damage your hearing. Hearing loss begins to occur around 145dB. Suppressors only suppress the sound down to 130-135dB. So, the shot is still very well heard just not damaging to your hearing.

        Also, they are quite bulky. I can’t imagine anybody using them for criminal purposes accept through ignorance. I don’t think criminals are to concerned about their hearing and the dB savings don’t make up for the extra bulk. Between subsonic bullets and new quieter barrels, suppressors will become obsolete soon anyway. Then you can get back to just gun hating and leave the accessories alone!!

      21. Child I own around 20 guns,, front feeders to precision varmint.. and hand loaded all for years.. shot-long-hand and often shot competitively with all. Note muffs needed for most competitions… not silencers..

      22. amusing ow you folks, attack the messenger, not the message, more amusing that big mouth from tx did not know many states, have no background check at gun show private tables.. nor the fact tx in Jan-17 finally introduced Bill to end such stuff… but a turn-key background not exactly top of heap in law enforcement. I find ole NC bore as he and most other failed to address the issues I presented associated with silencers and very good chance of law suits. and potential impact on various gun rules..about hearing related damages. Noted “ear plugs” for hunting solution, not to practical. Note nothing said about who may end up liable for hearing damaged as presented by elected and others.. So find most of the post simple minded and about zero logic based remarks. Will end this now as tired of fools who cannot reply to core issues that will happen, nor impact on gun seller’s of knowingly “disabling hearing” hardware, as so many have stated. If you doubt that lawyers will not go after that issue, you really have not much knowledge of the various class actions going on now, and this one is raw meat. So children, go play spl ops, etc. Noted one post said “We never had any si9lencers confiscated etc” well might that be the law prohibited sales to most? So go ahead and post your bra-silencer mfg talking points, I am out of here as to many simply minded nra lemmings who will not discuss things like impact on ported guns, double barrels etc.. really amused at nut case that wanted silencer so if he shot someone from his car there would be no offending noise.. but rational posts that have good tech content usually not a big item among nra lemmings…bye, you have been amusing …if somewhat stupid.

      23. Glad you left.So weary of trying to decipher far-fetched hypotheticals.The world is vexing enough without your fear of “what-ifs”.The left and those that do not support the NRA are always fear mongering with “what-ifs”.Guess what ? More guns equal less crime…in America.Could not possiblt care less what happens in some third world jerk-water country with their guns.Our guns do NOT contribute to crime there.So chuck,go find your safe place and drink some soy milk and worry about global warming.We will be out enjoying our silencers and firearms.

      24. You are ending this now because you are out of your depth and you are cowering into a corner. I addressed all your points, and when you still were unsatisfied I gave you a clear invitation to list out specific points you want me to address. Instead, you posted more incoherent rambling nonsense stating how everyone is less intelligent than you. You then called me a “big mouth” for calling you out on your lack of communication skills. The gun show loophole is a myth and it is not where street gangs are buying guns.
        ” rational posts that have good tech content usually not a big item among nra lemmings”
        Your posts definitely don’t meet any definition of “rational”. The minute you started losing, you picked up your ball and went home. Coward.

      25. Agree with most of your post,except that part about subsonic ammo and quieter barrels.Even subsonic ammo causes damage to hearing.I have the chart here somewhere giving the average db ratings,and even a .22 ,with repeated use can damage hearing.I have .22 silencers and big bore silencers.Depending on weather,host firearm,location,and ammo,they can be seem almost whisper quiet.

      26. Correction, the name suppressors was mfgs and nra use of more politically correct term.. as even they play PC game.

      27. I think it is time to take out the eurotrash.Makes my head hurt trying to read your ignorant rants.

      28. I can read very well,but I will not take the time to read idiotic nonsense with such egregious errors in proper grammar.You have horrid sentence structure,abysmal punctuation,and many other glaring errors.And you europeans would all be speaking German if not for the USA,so we really do not lectures from you about how best to run a government.

      29. There is NO right to have a silencer as there is no right for machine gun, but are licensed… to keep controls.. note might get interesting if cases win on responsible for hearing loss, could impact private sales if not sole with ear muffs, as probably is not a waiver-able item(s) as can cause perm disability, Be creful for what nra is buying.. might get it..and doubt Congress can waive suits for disabling damage from guns and ammo…and then there is hand loads we moe advanced shooters do. You 2nd Amd know little guar4house lawyers are amusing

      30. SO.MUCH.STUPID.Get a job and stop smoking dope.You’ll think more clearly.Ooops ! I forgot,you are Irish,so you probably drunk on Guiness.

      31. Why are you arguing with this guy? He believes it is a right to kill the un born but not to own a suppressor. There is no point in what you are doing. It is like arguing with a crackhead.

      32. Liberals cause hearing loss and the death of millions of brain cells every year. We should put suppressors over their mouths…..but then again with all that deep throat exercises they do it is likely they would just swallow the damn things.

      33. Another great post by neg IQ nrs.. amusing in it’s simplicity and avoids real discussion.. must have day off from school.

      34. And I have several older boxes of ammo with no warnings, and what about hand loading materials? NOT same concerpt of hot labels..they could not cause permanent handicap, but are a safety warning for the dumb, as are you ammo labels,,, which when hunting?

    2. Wow, jut wow!

      The fist box of ammonia I picked up (CCI Minimag, 36 grain, .22LR) had a “Warning” on it.

      “To avoid serious injury….

      (3) Wear eye and ear protection”.

      There you go, you are wrong on that point.

      1. Well if ole seany cannot understand them know, admittly more then one sylable words and facts, find reader who can not only read posts to you, but explain them and words… as you seem only one with that issue.. but then posts, like beauty are in the eye and in your case the education level of the beholder..You gunnies nra mouthpieces are always amusing at the extent of you open minds on anyone that is not of your ilk and propaganda.

      2. LOL…you are right ! chuck2 sounds like the typical low information,big mouth liberal troll.As he self-identifies as a “european-American” he is not worthy of being included in the discussion.As our esteemed President Theodore Roosevelt said so many years ago : We have no room for hyphenated Americans.When you come here to live,you leave your european/african/middle eastern or whatever else ideals back there and adopt our American ideals.Otherwise you are as welcome as ants at a picnic.

      3. I don’t think I can feel properly insulted by this troll until I translate his incoherent rambling into something readable. Here goes:
        “Well, if Sean cannot understand those (admittedly more than one syllable) words and facts, then he should find a reader who can not only read posts to him, but also explain them since he seems to be the only one with that issue. Posts, like beauty, are in the eye (and in your case the education level) of the beholder. You gunnies (AKA: NRA mouthpieces) are always amusing with your lack of open mindedness to anyone that is not of your ilk and doesn’t believe your propaganda.”
        You are definitely using more than one syllable words, just not very well.

      4. Gee, if I nered a Secretary and Hall monitor will keep you in mind.. Note on forum’s, established rules of prose are not applicable according to new rules.. Note all of you dodged the issues of gangs, criminals, shotguns and so forth.. But as applicable to those who cannot reply to message, go at messenger.. so typical..

      5. That paragraph was a little more readable, you are making progress! I will take on your issues. As an ex law enforcement officer I’ve dealt with the criminal element first hand.
        Gangs: Gang members frequently buy any gun they want on the black market and have no regard for any laws that get passed. They value concealment above all else and silencers add significant weight and length to a firearm.
        Criminals: See gangs.
        Shotguns: Shotgun silencers are in the early stages of development and are very expensive. They also come with the weight and length drawbacks discussed above.
        Silencers: If you think silencers make guns whisper quiet, you are getting your information from Hollywood and not real world facts. Silencers typically reduce the report of supersonic ammo to the decibel level of a chainsaw, and the loud “crack” sound the bullet makes when breaking the sound barrier is still very much there. Subsonic ammo is a little quieter than that, but also not as effective in ballistics as the supersonic rounds. Silencers really only reduce the decibel amount enough to prevent hearing damage. People around the shot will be well aware that a gun was fired. This is the reason why us “gunnies” used to be adamant that the term “suppressor” be used instead of “silencer”, although now that the industry is growing “silencer” has become the accepted term whether we like it or not. The bottom line is this, removing silencers from the NFA will do nothing to increase gun crime. It will, however, protect hunters and law abiding citizens protecting their homes from blowing out their eardrums.

      6. You think those shooter in various cop ambushes would not use silencers, and you seriously under estimate gang and shooters.. more so drug types. Note way back I question about low velocity ammo for humance hunting.. reality is silencer mfgs paid nra to push the things.. and in real world most cannot afford them. but wonder how shotguns will be silenced, and ported guns sold without waiver or such. Will states them mandate ear protection for all guns for all uses.. costs are a big deal for most and hunting wearing ear plugs is probably not to practical, more so with birds, how will double barrels be silenced, rifle and shotguns.. if you sell gun might it be requirement to sell earplugs etc for “Safety”. Lots of unanswered questions most posts simply attack as Lib etc.. big item is if a lawsuit, one o the big dollar class actions the lawyers so love goes through and ammo/gun mfgs get nailed for selling dangerously disabling hardware.. and is has happens big time in medical, smokers and other industries which went back over time. So we better ask the questions now, and do not think elected can place waiver to be retroactive.. Dare we ask on a civil level what might become serious issue. So if now the “Experts: say hearing loss disables from guns” what sort of mess is being set up.. ask now as result of nra lobby might cost us all.. inconvenience and maybe dollars..

      7. I’m not underestimating anyone. How much contact have you had with the criminal element? Have you ever had to make an arrest? Have you ever worked in a jail? I have.
        What effect does a silencer have that makes an ambush more effective? No shots are fired until after said ambush has already occurred. In an ambush concealment is paramount, and silencers prevent effective concealment. At my agency, we had zero silencers in evidence inventory. None. Nada. We did have a lot of cheap Hi-Point pistols. Again, your points indicate that you believe silencers make guns whisper quiet, which is patently false. You can’t debate based on knowledge obtained from Hollywood movies.
        Have you ever been to a gun show? Background checks are still required and there are ATF agents present at every one. There are also police there, do you really believe that’s where criminals go to shop? Your buddy is blowing smoke up your ass.
        You mention the “AK” as something scary. It is the ballistic equivalent of a lever action 30-30 deer rifle. The legal versions are semi automatic. Rifle bullets are effective no matter what the platform used to deliver them. The notion that certain guns are scarier than others is flat out stupid.
        Regarding civil lawsuits, I’m still fuzzy on the point you are trying to make. People have known that the report of a gunshot damages hearing since muskets were a thing. I think if lawsuits or hearing protection laws were going to be made we’d already be knee deep in them. Everyone at the range wears hearing protection already in interest of self preservation.

      8. Being turnkey is lower end of law scale. No guns show sales on private tables require no background checks, You missed reading about my concern with hunting with silenced guns that need low vel ammo to work. You had zero silencers confiscated due to present law, which kind of makes change look very dangerous to law. Been to lot of gun shows, bud had private table, sales no checks or even ID needed. Hand loaded for decades so very familiar with hi and low vel ammo, also have chrono, and predictive ballistics is my hobby. Road to work with county narc for years, am very familiar with what goes on at real levels, even visited him in hospital after he was shot. Seems you post full of holes as to facts…no mention of shotguns, front loaders, and if guns to noisy, then fore sure fire works should be forbidden. Good try but you lack depth.and like rest dodge core questions

      9. Please list out point by point what I am dodging. I will admit that my gun show experience is limited to Texas, where a private seller is subject to criminal liability for selling to someone who cannot legally possess a firearm. While you are telling me what I am dodging, please address the unanswered questions in my post. You still have not stated how silencers make an ambush any different than if the gun were not equipped with a silencer. Your whole belief that silencers make criminals more effective is based on a false premise that silencers make guns super quiet.
        I don’t understand your hunting concern, people here in Texas hunt with silencers all the time. There is no requirement for low velocity ammo with a silencer, they work fine with high velocity. What exactly are you worried about?

      10. Note way to many gangs buy from gun shows at “private seller tables” with no questions asked.. Had bud who ran such a table and he noted who bought with no record kept.. and what they bought. Note AK and such now getting more popular and drug gangs-cartel folks very well armed and know how to use. Have good bud I used to shoot with on range was county narc.. and he was a decade back and now, still worried about increasingly well armed criminals and gangs etc. He is very worried about silenced gang guns and ambush type stuff.

      11. Who made you the judge on who is “worthy”? My “European American is my Irish decades back that had to move from East-Midwest as they were attacked by essentially same bigots now days after immigrants… same for Poles, Jews and others.. seems the intolerance gene still there. Read their Journal (1860+/-) and you low life reflect exactly same attacks as then. Note you do not reflect American Ideals, rather you reflect coward ideals of hate and intolerance.

      12. I hear ireland is doing well these days…you are welcome to take your primitive communication skills there and rant all you like about your hypothetical drivel.My intolerance is for people that come to America with no intention of fully becoming Americans.I don’t like hyphenated Americans,period.And I really have a problem with incoherent ramblings with poor grammar,punctuation,and sentence structure,which basically means YOU,moron.

      13. He always argues against the Republican view and eef u sedan to look at how the Dems were doimg. Typical, he can say whatever he wants and insult whomever he pleases because the 1st amendment you know bit you are not allowed the same privilege.

    3. By that logic, energy companies should be liable for selling gasoline for machines that make dangerously loud noises when burning them (ie: car engines w/o mufflers, gas generators, etc)

  2. Here is some thought so you can all put your lil ole pointy heads together. Shotguns silencers run around $1000+/-. They would completely throw off the balance of any hunting/trap gun hanging off front of barrel and let’s now even discuss O/U or SxS’s. The ones I saw on net were only for 12’s others not mentioned. So with all your hard evidence and the purchased lobby money elected that for sure hearing damage from guns/ammo… well what will do about shotguns.. ear muffs or ear plugs mandatory? If so might be an issue for bird shooting to hear them flush out of your sight..make hearing protection mandatory for hunting.. usually is for skeet/trap/range work, So would like to hear the defense of guns/ammo used for shotgun hunting as seems like mfgs’ and ammo folks in deep trouble with all the admissions of dangers for hearing by so many “experts”,
    Note that someone must then make “Silencers for all gauges”, legislate mandatory hearing protection when hunting or any time shooting, could be child abuse if no hearing protection if kids bird, squirrel hunt etc as is now “Known danger”. Noe alot of them start as I did, single shot hammered 410. Then we have the shooting with 22’s and kids, etc.. what is law going to be there… So darling’s try thinking a bit of the can of worms that can happen before you follow nra lemming lane… how will the above issues be solved in face of “known dangers to hearing”… and let’s not even discuss how popular hearing devices mandatory for shotgun hunting would be… or would most chose to ignore and what would happen then..

  3. I owned a legal suppressor for many years. I want to point out it suppresses your gun not silence it. It did make target shooting more enjoyable. Also I was a police officer in California for 25 years and now live in the south. Criminals prefer short concealable weapons…I have talked to many gang bangers..they like loud bangs, they say it lets people know they have arrived and scares off wittinesses. So I’m calling BS on the criminal argument based on my experience.

    1. I also want to add most criminals get their guns from drug dealers who get them on trade from dug users..most drug dealers have a gun biz on the side ..these guns are taken in residential burglaries…also I can walk into any biker or dive bar and buy a stolen gun out in the parking lot..
      Again I was a big city cop in California for 25 years

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