Two hunters have been charged in connection with a shooting that occurred on a remote ranch in Texas near the Mexican border. The two hunters claimed to be attacked by immigrants who crossed the border illegally, but further investigating led authorities to believe it was a case of friendly fire.

According to Odessa television KOSA, Presidio County Sheriff Danny Dominguez said a grand jury has indicted Michael Bryant and Walker Daugherty on charges of using deadly conduct by discharging firearms in the direction of others.

The story is a bit confusing, but we did our best to straighten out the details.

From the sound of it, a deputy from the Presidio County Sheriff’s Office responded to calls of gunfire one evening, where he found hunting guides Walker Daugherty and Michael Bryant with gunshot wounds. They claimed to have been attacked by illegal immigrants, but something about their story wasn’t adding up.

Here’s how investigators believe the shooting went down:

Walker thought illegals were inside the RV that Edwin (a client of the two hunting guides) and his wife were in, attempting to kidnap them.

Instead of announcing himself, Walker allegedly tried opening the RV. That’s when Edwin fired off a round from inside the RV missing Walker.

Walker hightailed it back to his cabin where he grabbed his gun and got backup from Michael.

That’s where things get murky, however. Some 30 law enforcement officers surveyed the perimeter of the ranch and found no sign of people (immigrants) approaching their camp that night, debunking the hunting guides stories of cross-boarder violence.

Sheriff Danny Dominguez said the investigation shows that Walker Daughetry shot Edwin Roberts, and Michael Bryant shot Walker.

A ballistics test would determine which guns the bullets came from, except doctors were unable to retrieve the bullet from Walker because it’s too close to his heart.

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One thought on “Hunters Involved in Texas Shooting Blame Illegal Immigrants, but Something is Fishy

  1. I would presume that in order to have a clean shot in Texas it would help if you were near dead from the so called friendly fire. When I was in the Army there was an old saying that “friendly fire isn’t friendly”. At night its rather hard to determine who’s shooting at whom and given that fact near the border it would be logical to think that someone shooting at you just might be the people smuggling illegal immigrants in. It appears that the Law in that area is not a guides or hunter’s best friend.

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