The things you see in Alaska are truly astonishing . . .

In this clip, a hare outruns an entire ambush by a pack of lynx, just barely escaping. Can you count how many lynx are on the hare’s tail?

We counted seven. That’s pretty impressive maneuvering by the hare to outrun seven hungry lynx! We told you, the things you see here in Alaska will blow you away, and this little escape artist just made the top of the highlight reel with those moves!

What could make this video even better? Maybe another Marshwan Lynch “Beast Mode” rendition is in play here. After all, we’ve seen a “Beast Mode” edition of a Planet Earth 2 clip before and it was spot on.

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2 thoughts on “Video: How Many Lynx Can You Count in This Video?

  1. It looked like most of the lynx were young, with one adult, suggesting a mother with cubs. Which would make sense, as adult lynx are solitary.

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