A good friend of mine hunts public land in northern Minnesota, and because he’s worked hard through the years to find his whitetail hotspot, I won’t be any more specific regarding its location.

And in truth, the one thing that really sets apart his system for success isn’t the land itself – it’s his method of accessing the land. You see, this public ground doesn’t allow cars, trucks, ATVs, side-by-sides or dirt bikes. You have to walk – or do like my buddy and pedal a mountain bike.

Now, in case you aren’t familiar with northern MN in November, the firearms deer season can be brutal in terms of weather. And some years the deep snow severely hampers my buddy and those in his hunting party; mountain bikes and deep snow simply don’t mix.

However, during those mostly snow-free Novembers when temps are cold enough to firm up the ground and freeze the water and mud holes, it’s a biker’s paradise. The system allows my buddy to get far away from other hunters who are burning boot leather.

But you might be asking yourself: “How do you transport a tagged deer several miles through the forest back to your pickup?”

Well, as the video below shows, a bicycle built for two doesn’t always have to carry two humans.

Important safety note: My buddy, who’s running the camera in this clip, highly recommends covering more of the deer in blaze-orange than is shown here. And I couldn’t agree more. An extra blaze-orange vest placed over a buck’s head and rack makes this carry system even safer.

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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4 thoughts on “Video: Hauling Trophy Buck on a Bike!

  1. The tired old narrative; “Look how surprising, bikes have utility value, they’re not just toys.” Don’t forget the utility value of the bike ejected us out of Vietnam.

      1. Perfect idea on private land and some state land, but, check regulations. I’m sure that in this area even the electric bikes are considered ” motorized”. Therefore they would be illegal. In fact in some areas ALL wheeled devices would be illegal, like in the BWCA. Clever idea though…

      2. that just isnt right i mean whats the harm in this situation? Here is a gentleman making his way out of the bush and making darn good time too. One “possible” option is an ebike conversion, i converted a mountain bike and i use the motor to assist and i also use the pedals (makes for a good cover up so nobody thinks you have a motor ha ha) Great video and i really enjoyed the story. Good health and great hunting!

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