Gun safety matters. Just ask these guys, they got a scare of a lifetime at a rap video shoot after a negligent discharge literally turned it into a video SHOOT.

Watch the guy in back, he picks up the pump shotgun and swiftly breaks an array of gun safety rules. He points it at the dog, he points it in the direction of both the men in the video, and clearly doesn’t check to see if it’s loaded or the safety is on.

You can see where this is going, lets roll the video:

(No, the dog is not harmed in this video)

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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  • Leah D. Lichtenberg

    Dumb A**es!!!

  • Mark Adler

    Following the guns laws fellas? Oh Hillary! Please make some more laws would ya? Dumb asses

    • DC

      Ryte lol these dumb a$$e$ r probably from her great state too bad he didn’t shoot his “homey” in the a$$ so they can’t reproduce since he was “playing around” like they be chanting in yet another retarted rap song lol

  • Noel P.

    The Darwin awards warmup on film !

  • Godfrey Daniel

    Wonder if the piece still has a serial number?