We’ve seen plenty of species of animals come in many different colors. Some more unexpected than others, but it’s always cool to see!

In this video, a driver captured an all-white buck out in the open, walking along the highway as if there’s nothing to see here. Albino deer are pretty rare, especially mature bucks like this one!

Look at him trying to play all cool, as if he doesn’t realize he’s a magnificent, great white buck. Something tells me, however, once all that snow melts, he’s going to realize he sticks out like bigfoot in a nudist colony and hide away until next winter.

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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3 thoughts on “Video: Great White Buck Filmed Strolling Down the Side of a Busy Highway

  1. My wife saw this deer at this location, also. It happened in Dubuque, Iowa. Turns out this was a local captive deer that escaped it’s enclosure. The owner had experienced problems with coyotes getting into his pen, and I believe that, in an earlier incident, they had killed one of his captive deer. In this incident, the vermin caused the deer to escape. This deer was eventually re-captured.

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