Scientists Take Large Steps in ‘De-Extinction’ of Woolly Mammoth


Scientists have been tirelessly working to resurrect a creature that has been extinct for thousands of years, and thanks to scientists at Harvard University, they’ve taken a mammoth step closer to that goal.

Geneticists have been studying woolly mammoth DNA, looking for specific genes that separate them from elephants, such as the obvious ones such as hairiness and ear size.

Once these genes were discovered, the scientists were able to splice the genes with those of an elephant, creating the first live mammoth genes in more than 3,300 years – so far tests have only been done in labs.

According to The Telegraph, George Church, professor of genetics at Harvard University, has used a new technique that may sound familiar to any Jurassic Park fans out there. The process allows scientists to custom build/edit the DNA, replacing those of an elephant with the mammoth genes.


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