We just heard that Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller has approved the use of pesticides to target wild pigs, but we found a better method.

Hop in the side-by-side, and get your night vision on, because this is the most badass way to eradicate a whole bunch of those pesky wild pigs. Using thermal optics, 00 buckshot and lasers, these hunters take down 70 hogs in the span of about 5 minutes.

Each year, feral hogs cause millions of dollars in damage to crops, water supplies, not to mention all the diseases they can carry. These troublesome pigs have ran rampant in Texas and may be hunted by any means or methods at any time of the year. However, after watching this video, if you aren’t doing it like these guys, you’re doing it wrong.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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6 thoughts on “Video: Hunters Use Night Vision and Lasers to Drop 70 Feral Hogs in One Night

    1. Unless things have changed, food banks will not accept feral hog meat. They will accept venison, but some bureaucratic rule prohibits donation of feral hog meat. Zoos will accept feral hog carcasses and thats a great benefit for the zoos and the hunter.

    2. You mean like the ones that get legally poisoned and can’t be eaten? You couldn’t pay me to eat a feral hog from Texas now. To think I would’ve paid to hunt and eat them. But, they wanted to charge the kind of money it would take to go on a guided elk hunt (which I can’t do). Now they just poison them…… Duh

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