This is definitely one of the creepiest videos we’ve seen in a while . . .

A rafter of more than 15 turkeys parading around a dead cat in the middle of the road, seemingly performing some type of weird black magic ritual.

That’s what Twitter user @TheReal_JDavis saw on his street when he whipped out his phone and began taking this video:

So what exactly kind of bizarre death dance is this?

Experts such as Alan Krakauer, a biologist specializing in the behavioral ecology of birds, told NPR it’s, “most likely predator inspection behavior.”

This type of behavior is not all that uncommon in turkeys. They often show this type of behavior when faced with a predator that’s looking to grab a quick meal. The sort of alertness presented in the “death dance,” lets the predator know they are aware of its presence, which they hope encourages it to move on to easier prey.


Image is a screenshot from the Twitter video

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