Something is going on at Colt that has its employees on the edge of their seats.

Rumors of massive layoffs have been going around since a post on Pistol-Forum read, “Sounds like a big mess down there a whole lot of pink slips, including my favorite division, the custom shop.”

It’s not yet known the extent of the layoffs, however, it has been confirmed that Brent Turchi, director of Colt Customer Service and the Colt Custom Shop, was let go recently. A post from Brent on reads:

“I am alive and well just no longer with Colt. I will continue to be a member of this forum and interact as I see appropriate. I will tell the forum when and where I land. I have and will continue to enjoy this forum and its members. All thoughts are appreciated. Brent”

After filing for bankruptcy in 2015, the company has been trying to claw its way back to normalcy, so this will undoubtedly be a punch in the gut.

There’s a lot of speculation right now with little confirmation on what exactly is going on. We will be following this news and will keep our readers updated when we hear more.

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3 thoughts on “Breaking: Colt Lays Off Custom Shop Director, Causing Flurry of Rumors

  1. Colt has been sucking the hind teat of the US Government for decades. I hope they can get thru this mess and get back to making 1911’s and revolvers.

  2. Something new might help. Not just reissues of past fame. Had they not disposed of the machinery that produced their famous Revolver line they would have had a better chance. The Conra was a second liner when it was new and I doubt it is worth the money today. As to their automatics the remake of the 1903 for $1,500.00 was not the way to go.

  3. Oh well…… I am a small dealer with an FFL and have sold plenty of Colts over the years. I had a very nice Colt collection at one time and still have a few nice revolvers put away. BUT……When Colt changed their policy on dealers who could sell their product I think they started cutting their throat. I explained my thoughts on this policy with Colt at Shot Show this year and was pretty much told, If you don’t want to or cant carry our full line and abide by our terms we don’t want you as a dealer of our products. Well Colt…Fair enough…Your not the only game in town who makes 1911 pistols and AR15 rifles. Its a damn shame such an Icon will continue to decline as it has. I’ll hold onto my favorite Colts and remember the company that it once was.

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