Looking for a nice payday? The State of Michigan needs your help.

Oh yeah, and you could win $1 million!

The state is looking for any and all solutions to keep Asian carp out of the Great Lakes. The invasive species could do significant damage to Michigan’s tourism economy, which is greatly focused on the outdoors, not to mention, the Great Lakes region has a $7 billion fishing industry.

The state has set aside $1 million to develop a global contest. It’s called the Michigan Invasive Carp Challenge, and the Michigan DNR is welcoming all possible solutions.

“I think in the fight against Asian carp, there aren’t really any bad ideas,” Molly Flanagan, vice president of policy for the Alliance for the Great Lakes, told Detroit News.

We will be sure to update this story to let you know when you can submit any proposals.

Image courtesy of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

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One thought on “Michigan Offering $1 Million for Solutions that Stop Asian Carp Invasion

  1. probabaly just get over it, cause they are her to stay. now pay up! i would imagine some sort of virus that they are uniquely sensitive too might work. but no that would cost more that a million dollars. i would say 500M $.

    otherwise, its not gonna happen.back in the early 70’s, my dad was asked to apply poison to sunfish nests in NJ ie to controll populations. that sort of thing wouldnt go over well today.

    apparently the problem started with a few fish. so, if you poison, irradiate, infect or whatever most of them, they will still rebound.

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