A rhinoceros at the Paris zoo was shot three times in the head by poachers who broke in during the night and then proceeded to cut off the rhino’s horn with a chainsaw.

This is thought to be the first time in Europe that poachers have broken into a facility and killed a live animal. Such acts typically occur at auctions or other exhibitions.

The 4-year-old rhinoceros was found with one horn completely removed, as well as its other horn partially hacked off, which suggests the perpetrators had to make a quick getaway or something happened with their tools. At this time, one or more poachers are thought to be involved, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

A Facebook post published by the zoo said this heinous act took place despite five members of the zoological staff living on the premises. Hopefully officials can gather enough evidence to find and arrest whoever is responsible for such evil behavior.

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One thought on “Poachers Break Into Paris Zoo, Kill Rhinoceros and Steal Its Horn

  1. While I find the stoning of people to death basically abhorrent, in this case I think an exception can be made. Find the filth that did this & stone them.

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