This may just be the oddest thing you see today. . . a group of hunters shot a big sow pig only to discover she was carrying a one headed, two bodied, 8 legged pig!

Octopig . . . or spider-pig . . . or whatever you want to refer to it as, this pig has eight, count them eight, legs! And apparently, this happens more times than you would care to know.

Here’s the video we came across that had our heads (and stomachs) turning for the better part of the day:

You might regret to learn this is actually quite common in piglets. In 2014, a Chinese farmer was shocked when he discovered a piglet with 4 extra legs protruding from its abdomen.

Another “spider-pig” was born in August 2016, and this one even came with 2 tails!

Did someone say spider-pig? We couldn’t help but think of that one time Homer Simpson brought home a “spider-pig”:

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Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

  • AnAmericanRight

    wow, how many ham hocks would you get from this body? i hope there are more of these mutants.

  • Ock

    Is this in Texas? Natures response to the “poisoning” method of hog control…

    • Matt

      The poison never happened. The complaints and petitions moved too fast. No respectable Texas rancher wants to contaminate perfectly good bacon.