Winter weather has brought us some of our favorite videos. There’s something about sub-freezing temperatures and snow fall that brings out the bravery in some people, and this video puts that bold behavior on full display.

Some 800,000 people in Michigan have been without power the past few days due to high wind storms ripping across the state, so those folks will fully appreciate this video.

With close to hurricane-force winds, these guys in northern Minnesota saw an opportunity to create a new winter sport: shovel surfing on Lake of the Woods.

Now, these guys can shred pretty good, but we have a funny suspicion it’s not as easy as it looks. Take a look and see for yourself:

This guy is killing it with the doubles.

Hope these guys don’t hit an ice hole. . . ouch!

Going with the solo shovel and still killing it. . . listen to that wind!

This one is hilarious! Watch what happens when the guy lets go of the shovel.

You be the judge, is he doing the moonwalk, or just walking straight into the wind?

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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