As competitors, professional athletes believe they are superior to any opponent they face. Having that kind of competitive mindset is key to not only performing at the highest level, but succeeding at it.

NFL players train 365 days a year to be the best football players they can be. It’s a physically demanding sport, and in today’s game, it requires you to train like you’re either going to battle, or part of the cast for the next 300 movie.

Wild animals, however, were born for battle. In the animal kingdom, it’s not about paychecks and flashy cars, and only the tough survive on a much more literal scale.

With all that being said, Arian Foster, now retired NFL running back for the Miami Dolphins, said he thinks he could take a wolf one on one in some sort of no holds barred wrestling match.

Here’s what Foster had to say about the hypothetical bout:

Image courtesy ESPN

Since Foster is so confident, let’s take a look at the tale of the tape between these two opponents:

According to, Arian measures in standing 6’1” and weighing 227 pounds. He played eight seasons in the NFL and suffered from ACL injures his last two seasons.

Wolves on the other hand, typically weigh up to around 120 pounds, can run at speeds close to 40 mph, have a bite pressure of 1,400 psi, and not to mention, are used to taking down prey that is more than twice its size.

Sorry Adrian, but we think you’re simply outmatched here.

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5 thoughts on “NFL Running Back Tweets That He Can Take a Wolf 1-on-1

  1. Like most life long coddled athletes, Arian knows little outside of his own world. The contest wouldn’t be close, I’d take the wolf in round one, less than a minute into it. -Duckduckdead.

  2. Some Wolves exceed 200…. He’s right about that, but, Arian can’t make it through a season….. He ain’t tough. In cold he’s all bundled up in his blankey sitting on the bench…… My money is on the wolf.

  3. In 1905, in Oklahoma,Teddy Roosevelt went wolf hunting with a man named John R. Abernathy who caught wolves by hand. He would chase a wolf on horseback until he could get it backed into a corner, then dismount and get the wolf to lunge at him. His method was to then shove his open hand all the way to the back of the wolf’s mouth and grab it by its jaw with that hand. Look it up. To Adrian Foster: It has been done before, so put up, or shut up.

  4. Typical ! and wth is “dunzo” Try making a good impression on our youth for a change. All you got is talk because your walk is lame ! Bob P. makes a good point and to ad, those men back then got strong from the life style and very hard work, not from drugs and personal trainers.

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