Video: Moose On the Loose Racing Down Ski Hill


If you plan to hit the slopes at the Breckenridge ski area in Colorado, you need to know about the moose out there. You see, these moose are veterans on these hills, and they intend to prove it.

A video captured just recently shows a moose run past a group of snowboarders as they make their way down a slope. One of the girls shouts, “I don’t know where to go!” as the moose passes them.

If we had to guess, that moose is probably saying something along the lines of “Eat my snow!” as it zooms past the group of snowboarders.

This isn’t even the first time a group of snowboarders has been challenged by moose on these hills. Just last month, another video captured two moose racing down the Monte Cristo run at Breckenridge:

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