Video: Woman Films Black Wolves Running 25 MPH Along Highway


Here’s something you probably don’t see on your way to work very often . . .

A woman on her way to work in Canada’s Northwest Territories captured two wolves running down the road at an incredible rate of speed.

Rhonda Miller was reportedly driving along Highway 3 to her office when she spotted something on the side of the road. Initially thinking it was just a person walking down the road, it suddenly hit her  . . .  you don’t normally see too many folks walking alongside the road that far out.

When she eventually got up next to the animal, Miller realized it was a black wolf. She whipped out her phone and took a video, which she posted to her Facebook page. Check out the size of those wolves!

After watching the video several times, it makes us wonder if Arian Foster has seen the footage, and if he’s changed his mind about going head-to-head against one of them.

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