Video: Man Dresses as T-Rex to Feed Alligator; The Gator was Not Amused


This is just too funny . . . we always refer to alligators as living, breathing dinosaurs because, well, they are! But one guy decided to have a little fun with this comparison and slid into a T-Rex suit to feed one of these prehistoric monsters. Spoiler alert: the gator was not too fond of seeing one of his long-lost extinct brethren.

Jason McDonald, the brave man in the dinosaur suit, has a lot of guts for toying with a 500-pound gator like this. What’s even more scary, is the fact that McDonald admitted he could barely see out of his dino costume. That’s a good way to lose a hand!

McDonald is no novice to gators, however. He works at the Colorado Gators Reptile Park and is used to dealing with big gators on a daily basis. Lucky for McDonald, the gator is also quite used to human interaction as well.

See, Morris, the 500-pound alligator, is actually a big movie star. According to The Daily Mail, he’s appeared in a number of Hollywood films, including Dr. Dolittle with Eddie Murphy, and Morris was the gator that got Chubb’s hand in Happy Gilmore starring Adam Sandler – if you’ve seen the movie you know, this is not the gator you want to put your hand near!

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