A post-election gun industry pitfall is in full effect and has most recently hit Federal Premium Ammunition.

The ammo company confirmed that roughly 110 employees from the company’s Anoka, Minnesota, plant have been laid off, citing the current downturn the gun and ammo industry.

On top of cutting 110 employees, the company also withdrew from $1.15 million in state grants and loans designated for a $33.9 million factory expansion.

CBS Minnesota reports a spokeswoman for Vista Outdoor, which is the parent company of Federal Premium, said the layoffs were “necessary as the company works to right size its inventory levels.”

Ever since Trump took office, a cool, calm customer base, no longer living in fear of restrictive gun laws, has forced several companies to downsize as a result. Colt and Remington both laid off a significant portion of their workforce already, and this only looks like the beginning.

Image courtesy Vista Outdoors

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15 thoughts on “Federal Premium Lays Off More Than 100 Employees and Withdraws from State Funding Incentives

  1. Maybe they should start pandering the huge uptick of liberals buying guns in anticipation of an imminent fascist regime brought on by a Trump presidency.

      1. An understanding of history and a wish not to repeat it seems to be at its core. Fascist types always seem to go after unarmed pacifist folks. Our revolution was fought by the liberals of their time for the right to be liberal against a textbook example of a fascist government.

      2. LOL! I hear you. My take is that these creeps are basically cowards who will think twice if they think they’ll meet up with resistance. In the words of Lao Tzu, “If you wish for peace, prepare for war” (and make damn sure your potential adversaries know it).

      1. If, by “gang” you mean all the other treasonous one percent-ers regardless of political party, I’ll buy that. What we shouldn’t loose sight of is that liberal and conservative middle class people have a common enemy in this regards.

    1. Yes. He owns none. Now if you want to split hairs he does have $100,000 invested in the Illinois State pension Fund which in turn has investments in in S&W and a few other companies? Do you know what your retirement fund or mutual fund is invested in? Obama’s stock portfolio was so piddling that the ethics watchdogs deemed it unnecessary to have it placed in a blind trust. Not even the Teabagger contingent of the House found cause to gripe and they griped about things even more inconsequential. To borrow a word Bill O’reilly was fond of bandying about, that’s a bit disingenuous.

  2. This serves the Bullet Manufactures right for being in bed with Hillary. And should the price gouging continue… it serves the Gun Shops right to.

  3. Well I knew that was coming. I was certain guns and ammo sales would start to slow down right after Trump took office. I just did not expect every gun and ammo company to start laying off just a couple of months after Trump took office. I thought maybe in the summer.. What really stinks is that these companies are quick to lay off people instead of reducing the prices a little to help sales. Ammo prices and most guns have gone up way more than usual during Obama and after Sandy Hook. The gun & ammo companies have enjoyed huge profits, and when the sales slow down by 1% they screw the people that made them filthy rich the past 4-8 years. Corporate scumbags and nothing more.

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