Video: BuzzFeed Learns to Shoot Like Keanu Reeves


Remember when Keanu Reeves ripped through a 3-gun course like a beast while training for his role in John Wick 2? Well, BuzzFeed saw the footage and they wanted to know what it was like to learn how to shoot like Keanu Reeves does in his hit new film.

The video itself is really cool and interesting! You get to hear sound bites from Taran Butler, the same trainer who taught Keanu Reeves and is basically the “Michael Jordan of competitive shooting.”

We kind of buried the lead here, however, because you might notice this BuzzFeed video is shining some positive light on the sport of competitive shooting, and dare we say, lawful gun use.

Competitive shooting is a culture just like basketball and golf. Seeing videos that don’t demonize or portray the sport in a negative light is assuredly a breath of fresh air for gun owners.

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