Nevada lawmakers are working to straighten out the conflict between legal gun users and legal marijuana users.

A wide array of marijuana-focused bills were recently introduced to members of the Nevada Senate, as well as the Assembly, to help come up with regulations for the substance that’s not legal for recreational use in the state.

Sen. Tick Segerblom, D-Las Vegas, introduced bill SB 351, which theoretically would allow medical marijuana users to also possess a concealed carry permit. Currently, applicants seeking a permit to carry a concealed firearm are being denied if they are also a medical marijuana card holder.

Whether this bill moves to become a law or not, it certainly opens the door to a conversation many folks will scorn harshly. With the use of legal marijuana spreading rapidly, this is a discussion that will have to be had by many states eventually.

So, what are your views on such a bill being introduced?

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9 thoughts on “Nevada Lawmakers Working to Address Conflict With Concealed Carry and Medical Marijuana Permits

  1. If recreation use is allowed and legal in Nevada then I think residents should be able to have both cards. Right now you can have a card and drink but if you do it irresponsibly you will loose the CCW card, if you take certain prescription drugs and carry irresponsibly you will loose your CCW card and if you are driving likely face additional felony charges. Seems its all about being responsible and understanding the law, so while we hope everyone follows the rules some will say we are not able to make adult decisions. I say lets give people the chance to be responsible and not let the exception rule the majority.

  2. Absolutely. Equal protection and criminal penalty under the law. If its legal for you to have a pain killer drug, no matter the drugs constitution, you are responsible not to operate a motor vehicle or face the consequences should your negligent action result in harm to another. Same goes for legal use of Marijuana and firearms licenses.

    1. The DEA is as arbitrary in it’s actions as the ATF. Read the history about the initial classification or marijuana. A more recent example would be ecstasy, which is even more harmless than marijuana.
      I agree with the sentiments stated here: if it’s legal, it’s legal. But being legal doesn’t preclude responsibility for misuse or negligence.

  3. Any substance (Alcohol, pain meds, dope etc.) that impairs function or judgement is not compatible with responsible carry.

    Once the condition that justified the use of Medical Mary Jane is resolved and the perscription is withdrawn then carry permission should be reinstated.

  4. All, marijuana is still a schedule one narcotic which is still controlled by the federal government. This narcotic is at the highest level of the controlled substance list, yes even higher on the list than Heroin! Now, we also know that drinking and driving is illegal and just irresponsible. To think about allowing an individual to be a known user of a schedule one narcotic and then even think about allowing that person to carry concealed a deadly weapon makes about as much sense as hiring a silver back gorilla as a security guard and issuing him a full auto Thompson sub machine gun as his side arm…..being mentally impaired and carrying concealed is just WRONG! And any state that allows cc in a place that serves alcohol is not on my list of vacation spots!
    Lovingly and with best wishes for your recoveries..
    Dr. J.

  5. Dr. J a Question….So should a person who drinks, responsibly and only carries when sober be allowed a CCW? By your logic I would assume the answer is no not until they get the problem under control. What we dont need is another babysitter law, you dont want to let people be adults and make a sound responsible decision.
    Should people carry when drinking any amount of alcohol..NO should people carry when taking prescription drugs…NO should people carry when using marijuana…NO.
    Seems pretty easy but you would rather say no to them all, my voice will side with responsible people knowing the law and acting accordingly at all times.
    As to your comments about the Federal Law look to the 7 states now allowing recreational use and over 50% of the US population in favor of the its use. The writing is on the wall and the Feds will make a change all be it under pressure but will make a change. What have they done in Denver? If you want to say “but it isnt that way today” I say it is legal in Nevada and that’s ok with me as foolish as you might think it is.

  6. Mr. Vauk,
    Great questions and it is good to hear a voice of reason!
    As for your first question, I say sure as long as that person is responsible and can make clear decisions. I am all for concealed carry and against babysitter laws and nanny states. As far as narcotic use goes, yes we lost the war on drugs, however let us not be lemmings and join the tribe over the cliff. I for one am not in anyway wishing to try to tell anyone what to do with their lives or how to live it, and I do again agree with your comment about people knowing the law and acting accordingly, however we both know this world is not nirvana, hence the need for us who choose to live our lives by the thin blue line. Again, great conversation Sir! I wish you well.

    Best regards
    Dr. J.

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