The caption for the Facebook pic was short and sweet: “When it’s dove season, and you have baby duty! Owner of Hacienda, Travis Zatopek, making it happen!”

Evidently, when some non-hunters and members of the mainstream media saw the images, they didn’t approve. And that prompted Travis to share another photo (below) and the following statement:

“My wife and I would like to express our thoughts on the recent media attention of our FB post this weekend. As American citizens, we have the right to raise our children utilizing what we, as their parents, feel is right and wrong. We do not apologize for raising our girls around guns and hunting. Educating them young is a huge attribute for their future. We, as parents, promote positive family morals and values along with teaching them respect and responsibility.

“Unfortunately, many of the youth today are not taught this. We’ve raised every one of our girls around guns and hunting, just as we were! Hunting is not just a sport, but a way of life. We feel it is important for our girls to experience the great outdoors and wildlife versus video games and Illusive Pokemon’s. This is our choice, and we stand true to our values. I would like to thank the keyboard warriors, because for every one negative comment, five positive comments have evolved.

“In regards to how our daughter was in the carrier, she is our third daughter, we know how to properly place our child in it. She was briefly placed in it for a photo opportunity and was enjoying it so much that we let her sit that way, while numerous people were watching her. As soon as she dozed off, my wife immediately took her inside.

“Thank you all for the support and keep raising them right!”

We editors at OHUB applaud Travis Zatopek and his wife. In our opinion, the family that hunts, fishes and shoots together, stays together!

P.S. Hacienda Wildlife Company (HWC) is a family owned full-service wildlife organization in Texas offering a wide variety of services: trophy hunts, outfitting services, wildlife management plans and implementation, tax valuations, construction services, hunting lease brokering, lease/property management, hunting lease set-ups, feeder maintenance and filling, ranch/lease maps and prints, etc. For the landowner and sportsmen, HWC is a one-stop-shop. Give them a call!


Images courtesy of Hacienda Wildlife Co. Facebook

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3 thoughts on “Parenting Pics We Love – and Mainstream Media Hates

  1. The Libs get all moist about people having rights and no one being able to infringe on them . . . as long as they agree with them. Well, this family is acting responsibly and exercising their inalienable rights and may God bless them for it.

  2. In a few months she should be able to hand you fresh cartridges out of a little ad-on pouch! You know that could catch on, I can see them for sale in Bass Pro next season!!

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