ScentBlocker’s parent company, Robinson Outdoors, filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy on 03/30/2017.

The filling means that one of the biggest names in the scent blocking apparel game will likely be a very different company by the end of 2017; that is if they manage to continue operations. Debtors will have a 08/07/2017 deadline to file claims.

Here’s a screen shot from the actual court filing, which you can read here.


This bankruptcy filing comes in the wake of major court case in May of 2016. Here’s a quick summary of that case from a legal news source.

“A federal jury on Thursday (May 2016) concluded that Robinson Outdoor Products falsely advertised that its scent control hunting apparel absorbed more odor than products made by rival ALS Enterprises Inc. in violation of the federal Lanham Act, rewarding the latter $3.8 million in damages and lost profits.”

That was a significant setback for the brand, and it may have contributed to the eventual bankruptcy filing.


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3 thoughts on “ScentBlocker’s Parent Company, Robinson Outdoors, Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

  1. I hate to say it, but the outdoor industry charges so much for their products. In reality who can really afford scent blocker suits and the under armour, the over priced bows, broadheads and the list keeps on going. I think that there should be a cap on prices regarding these products so that these companies can stay competitive and people will be able to keep their jobs.

  2. Ben, who says you “Have” to buy all that stuff? There have been more deer killed wearing Carhartt coveralls than all this scent free, ultra camo stuff.

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