If you’ve been fishing long enough, you’ve probably been out on the water when a swell of bad weather comes rolling in over your head.

Oftentimes, bad weather can creep up on you unexpectedly, and this video demonstrates why it can be so dangerous to get caught out on the water when there is lightning nearby.

As the sky darkens and storms begin to roll in, static charges build up in the air all around, you causing your fishing rods to “buzz,” it’s not at all uncommon to even see your fishing line levitate off the water because of electricity in the air – not good!

Don’t let the giggles of these two men downplay the severity of the situation they’re in; this is a very dangerous time to be on the water.

We’re sure you’re chomping at the bit to get out there and cast a line, but don’t be a hero. Watch the forecast and make sure weather conditions are safe before heading out on the water. If you notice nasty weather rolling in on you, pack up and head for shore immediately. Don’t let your buzzing fishing rod tell you when it’s time to go in; get to shore and take cover BEFORE you get yourself in this kind of predicament.

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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