When you have seconds to make a decision to save your life, it helps to have some prior knowledge.

This handy infographic lays out the dos and don’ts of dangerous animal encounters. The information provided here is meant to provide you with information to avoid any confrontation, but if things really go south, it also shows you how to fight back against each predator.

Take a look and let us know if there is anything missing.

How to survive an animal attack by North America’s primary predators.

Image is a screenshot from the Imgur post

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2 thoughts on “Infographic: How to Survive an Animal Attack by North America’s Predators

  1. The wolf range part is wrong, as it shows parts of Utah, Colorado the Dakotas, Texas, Nevada, Nebraska, the Appalachians and California as being wolf territory, which is inaccurate, that range more closely resembles cougar territory, while the cougar territory more closely resembles wolf territory. Also, one should always fight back when dealing with black bears, as most attacks are predatory in nature and not defensive. Hence the saying “If it’s brown, lie down, if it’s black, fight back.”

  2. I am an Certified Instructor for Hunter Education. The advice on Bear attacks is not right. Black and Brown Bears are known to eat what ever is available! Road kill, some other animals kill, and natural death (Like Old Age.) To lie down and play dead is not a good strategy; as bears will view this as a source of “Free Lunch”. Best advice is to carry Brown Bear Pepper spray, make noise while walking, or hiking, and back away slowly when a bear is encountered. And, of course, carry a big can of Bear Pepper Spray, plus, if possible, a big gun.

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