President Trump made good on another one of his promises Monday when he donated his first 3 months of pay to the National Park Service.

President Trump handed over the $78,333 check, the amount cut for the pay period that began with the Jan. 20 inauguration, to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.

“We’re going to dedicate it and put against infrastructure on our nation’s battlefields,” said Ryan Zinke. “We’re excited about that opportunity.”

Mr. Trump’s no-salary pledge was a regular talking point during his run for office stating, “I won’t take even one dollar,” he declared in 2015. “I am totally giving up my salary if I become president.”

The catch, however, according to the Constitution: He couldn’t just refuse his pay, so he opted to make donations with his salary instead, very much like John F. Kennedy and Herbert Hoover did.

Of course, Mr. Trump’s generous gesture was still scrutinized by critics, calling it a “publicity stunt,” and a “drop in the ocean.”

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3 thoughts on “Trump Donates First Paycheck to National Park Service

  1. It’s a very nice gesture, and good on President Trump for honoring a campaign pledge. My problem is that while he donated $78K, his proposed budget would strip $2 billion from the Dept. of Interior, which the National Park Service falls under. We need to keep supporting our federal agencies that are charged with managing America’s great public lands for the benefit of all who love the outdoors, anglers and hunters included.

  2. So he’s donating money to the budget of The D.O.I.?
    How bout doing the country a favor (for once) and rescind the order of taking away 2 billion from it!!

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