Regular visitors to OutdoorHub know that we love 22Plinkster. His videos are always entertaining and informative. (Click here to see the one he did with a March Madness basketball theme; awesome.)

Of course, not only is 22Plinkster a fantastic trick shooter, but he’s also a diehard hunter. In the video below, he’s in the woods of Tennessee with his father-in-law, Randy. As Randy explains it, the duo had “stereo gobbling” on opening morning, but their first encounter results in a swing and a miss.

Evidently, due to the shot angle, Randy couldn’t fire, so 22Plinkster took the shot – and missed! Yes, the guy who can shoot the string off a guitar with a pistol upside-down missed a turkey with a shotgun.

Thankfully, the guys get another opportunity later that morning, and as you’ll see, Randy kills turkeyzilla. Check out the rope on that gobbler the moment it appears on the field edge. Now that’s a LONGbeard!

Congrats, Randy, on a tremendous tom!

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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