First-Ever Drone Video of Wild Turkey Reap – and Kill?


We love drone videos at OHUB. The camera angles provide never before seen aerial views of our hunting, fishing and shooting world.

And the one we’re highlighting here ranks right up there with the best of the best.

Filmed by Sean DesCombes, who is certified to fly drones commercially through the FAA, this clip shows a recent Missouri turkey hunt. The hunter is Sean’s 14-year-old son, Nelson (Nelz), and he’s stalking – often called reaping – a gobbler that’s hanging out on a field with hens.

Check out the amazing drone video below. And nice shooting, Nelz!

According to Sean: “Nelson and his brother, Noah, have a small internet TV show called N2TheHunt. They both have always loved to hunt, and I have recorded them from their first kills, starting at age 6. Matter of fact, Nelz killed his first turkey at age 8 with a bow, which is posted on their website

“Last year, they decided they wanted to do the turkey Grand Slam, so we headed to Florida for the Osceola; Missouri ‘here at home’ for the Eastern; western Kansas for the Rio; and western Nebraska for the Merriam’s. They both completed the Grand Slam in 8 days total of hunting, over a 58-day period starting March 25 ending on May 21, 2016. Each individual hunt is posted on their website. However, this video pretty well catches a glimpse of their experience.”

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