It’s hard to put into words exactly how important teamwork is, so we found a video to help emphasize our point.

This clip shows a little training session with a Belgian Malinois, the breed commonly used in law enforcement and the military, going over some basic tactical commands. These are extremely smart dogs, as well as agile, muscular and always alert, as you’ll see in a second when you watch the video below.

Former Navy SEAL Mike Ritland knows a thing or two about training dogs for the military. Mens Journal reports Ritland gets paid up to $100,000 per animal to train dogs for combat in the military and homeowners at his Trikos school in Dallas, Texas, and he says, “It’s all about how you carry yourself.”

“Training dogs for the military is no different than training your dog to not bark – They always respond to non-verbal communication, reinforcement and psychology,” Ritland states.

In his new book How to Train Your Dog – The Navy SEAL Way, Mike explains how to channel the SEAL mindset to transform your dog into an elite pet. For a quick preview of what that would look like and what these dogs are capable of, watch the video below:

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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  • Joe Oglesby

    Too many adds can’t watch on Android

  • Tommy joe

    Heck, my Yorkie can do that, plus I even get free kisses.

  • 2A Supporter

    I’m impressed and know what we’ll trained dogs can do. But, that Milanois yapped more than any Yorkie I’ve seen.

    • zipper

      The barking came from other dogs he had in the van, not the one he was working with. They were excited.

  • zipper

    Not bad, but a well-trained hunting dog would best that act.

  • Deplorable Me – NLJR

    The last thing I want in a gunfight is a dog restricting my movement by constantly being between my legs.

  • Unko

    Navy Seal? How come this is Foreign?

  • Richard Manley

    Very Cool !