Before I provide any commentary to this video, I want you to watch it first.


Amazing landing, right?

I remember talking with a bush plane pilot in Alaska when I worked there as a fishing guide in 1992. He said, “Dave, a good landing is defined by whether the passengers will get back in your plane.”

Do you think the passengers on this plane would sign up for another trip?

Actually, that question is meaningless. The reason? (Were you sharp enough to spot it while watching the clip?)

This isn’t a full-size plane. In fact, it’s a large-scale remote-control aircraft . . . the kind someone flies while standing safely on the ground. Look closely at the video again and you can see the controller on the far right at the end of the clip. The engine sound should also be a tipoff that it’s not a full-size plane.

That said, this pilot/controller does a great job.

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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