If you think crocodiles are just sunbathing when you see them sitting on the bank of a river or lake, you’re making a very big mistake.

Crocodiles are most dangerous when they’re in the water and you can’t see them. However, with that being said, they’re just as dangerous out of the water as they are submerged in their natural camouflage – a common misconception that this video aims to eliminate.

Crocodiles are ambush predators; they creep up on their prey and then strike from under the water before the victim even know what hit them. The mistake people often make is in assuming that crocodiles aren’t as fast on land as they are in water. While that is true for long distances, crocodiles can still move short distances pretty fast out of the water.

Need more convincing?

In this video, a crocodile not only scoots across the rocks it’s sitting on, but even leaps at the swimmer (far left side of video) who’s toying with it. Bet he doesn’t do that again!

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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