Have you ever wondered how big turkeys make little turkeys? Well, you’re about to get a lesson in the “birds and the bees.”

You’ve watched a few videos from Thomas Allen in the past on OutdoorHub, the most recent was a great “almost fail clip” of his daughter killing an Alabama turkey, even though Thomas forgot to hit the record button.

In describing the video below, Thomas writes: “I’ve been turkey hunting for many years, but I’ve never witnessed the courtship and breeding process in its entirety. Please forgive the fact that the blind strap is in the middle of the footage, but I’m just an amateur videographer – a pro would have thought to move the camera. Regardless, check it out, I think it’s pretty amazing to witness nature like this! Unfortunately, my son, who was hunting, wasn’t able to shoot because the bird didn’t get close enough for his 20 gauge.”

Viewing tip: This video is 15-minutes long, but we’ll save you some time if you’re busy. Fast-forward to the 5:40 mark to see the hen finally stop playing hard to get, and it’s not until about the 10:45 mark that she begins signaling to him that the fun is over.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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