Not everyone is cut out for the farming life, and this video proves it.

A group of men got their hands a tractor and decided to take it for a little joy ride, except, as you’ll see, there was not much joy being had at the end of this ride. . .

Watch what happens in the video below:

Having a tractor roll over on top of you cannot feel good.

Although we’ve seen a tank pull off a successful drift with minimal damage done, let’s just leave drifting to the “Fast and Furious,” and try to avoid stunts like this altogether.

Image is a screenshot from the LiveLeak video

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One thought on “Video: Tractors Aren’t Meant for Drifting, Don’t Believe Us? Just Watch

  1. If you notice the flag> Its turkish. I spent time over there in the military and they’re generally 3rd world morons……

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