For one reason or another, people just love to watch Australian animals do their Aussie thing. Maybe it’s the fascination of the land down under, or maybe it’s because the critters do weird stuff like the snake in this video . . .

Andrew Hull recently posted a video to his Facebook page of a large brown snake in Wilcannia, Australia, dragging a bearded dragon across the road.

“So I’m driving up the river road from Wilcannia, composing a poem for Ian Marr, heart full of the bush, the autumn sun, and the wide red road, upon which lay a sizeable brown snake eating a bearded dragon. I thought ‘bugger me – Australia!!’ Then thought ‘the only thing this scene needs is a barefoot bogan to film it on his phone and stick it on Facebook’….So I did,” Hull said.

The video has attracted all kinds of attention online, gaining more than 100,000 views, here it is below:

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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