A prank at a Denver Bass Pro Shops is making waves on social media, after a teenager turned a giant fish tank at the sporting goods store into his own personal dunk tank.

According to The Denver Post, a teenager went for a swim at a Bass Pro Shops in Stapleton, Colorado, and the Denver Police Department is currently investigating the incident.

“Yes, a juvenile thought it was a good idea to jump into the tank,” said Officer Marika Putnam of the Denver Police Department.

The boy jumped from a bridge down into the fish tank, which sits right in the middle of the store. An employee reportedly saw another teenager filming the stunt and stated the suspect “cracked his skull on the rocks.” The boy was not taken to the hospital for his injury, but hopefully it knocked some sense into him.

Police have stated if there is any damage to the tank or the fish, the boy could potentially face legal charges.

So this got us thinking, who would actually do something like this? And a quick YouTube search would reveal this is apparently a pretty popular “prank” to pull.

Below are a few videos that show others who thought it was a good idea to cannonball into these giant fish tanks:

At least this guy had a life vest on, right? Safety first!

All is fun and games, until the baby gets splashed by the water overflowing out of the tank.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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48 thoughts on “Video: Teenager Cannonballs into Fish Tank at Bass Pro Shops and Could Face Charges

      1. if the parents knew it was going on yes. if they didn’t punish them if they found out yes. if they didn’t know anything about it, this is not necessarily a parenting fail…

      2. I don’t understand when teens get in trouble the parents always tend to be the target of blame… no matter how teens are raised, strict or non strict parents, rich or poor, teenagers will do what they want. Like I said in a previous post, I’ve seen more troubled kids come from strict, respectful homes.

        As a parent you do your best to raise your children right and hope that they grow to be respectful adults. Teens have a mind of their own, you just have to hope they do the right thing when they are out with their friends.. if they do something stupid then they suffer the consequences and hopefully they learn from that.

        Everyone on here criticizing the teens and their parents for these actions are hypocrites because I bet you every one on here has done something stupid at one point in time throughout their life.

      3. no great crime but they should have to mop up all that water tracked to the front door

      1. Unless they damaged the tank there really isn’t anything wrong, boohoo a little bit of water got spilled and a bunch of kids got wet. I’d rather my kid do this than getting high or drunk.

      2. Not saying it’s ok. But it was harmless… I would rather kids do pranks like that than go and shoot up a place. With all the crap going on it’s nice that kids can still be kids. It made me laugh.

      3. Glad to know you live your life in a bubble because you must have NEVER done anything bad in your life… hypocrite

      4. I agree with you Kathryn! Live a little. He had guts to do it in the first place lol at least he had a life jacket on.

    1. Their biggest fear was him cannon balling. The force could have busted the seams, anyone in front of the tank could have been seriously hurt. Would it still be awesome?

      1. No that wouldn’t be awesome. BUT if you’re going to have a massive tank in your store I would imagine it has to be able to hold a lot of force regardless. Earthquakes and such.. lol

      1. That’s cute.. if my children did this I would be pissed. You can’t blame the parents either, because how well or how bad your children are raised doesn’t mean anything. At the end of the day Teens will do what they want.. it’s out of every parents control. It’s called peer pressure. To be honest Ive seen more troubled kids come from respectful strict parents!

        Yes, it probably wasn’t the best idea for these teens to do that.. BUT again, I would rather see a prank on the news like this one than all the bull shit that’s Been on lately with shootings.


    1. The pyramid at Memphis has gators in a tank as well. Perhaps they should jump in there and then wrestle with them?

  1. They didn’t rob a bank, no one was hurt but his one guy. What’s the problem. Definitely the definition of good clean fun LOL

    1. “What’s the problem” Disrespect of property, disregard for possibility of very serious injury to others, disruption of business ! This is one of the downfalls of our instant media society, Stupidity for fame. Those saying it is not the parents fault, if the child is a minor, your totally at fault for letting your kid act like this.

    2. I agree, charges? What ever happened to kids being dumb lol. Ya he shouldn’t have done it, but give him a lecture not a ticket.

    3. It’s because of people like you and all the others saying this is okay that our society is the way it is. No, this is not okay. This is not good clean fun. Really? I really hope you’re not a parent…

    4. What’s the problem you ask? This is where delinquent behavior starts then leads to more serious issues. You can’t be serious with your assessment and less you’re a juvenile yourself

  2. This is a very disrespectful stunt… so many comments below with parents saying they would rather see their kids doing this rather than other criminal activities. Are these brats just starved for attention? Say someone did get hurt… who gets sued? We all know it’s Bass Pro… come on people….. THINK!! Teach your children respect and common sense… Bass Pro needs to press charges.

      1. Duuhhhh….. This disrespect prob indicates they do bullying just about everywhere. Prob just like you. Loser

  3. This is private property. Just because it’s a place where the public can go, doesn’t mean it’s a public place. It’s not a park, the DMV, or any “state” office. I would certainly press charges if you thought you could jump into my pool-it’s called trespassing-not a prank. If you thought it was funny to do this in a fountain owned by an entity in just about any city that there is, you’d be arrested and charged. No one respects boundaries anymore. The feral youth of America (and the world) think they have a right to everything…… That’s what is wrong with this. It’s not funny to see the stupidity, lack of respect and the reflection of a delinquent society that doesn’t correct this widespread degradation. Lol, my a#*

  4. I believe that it was a retarded act no doubt. And maybe they should press charges but I would really appreciate if people would stop putting every person who is in today’s youth generation into one group not all of them are like this and not all are stupid. There are some that respect other people’s property and it really makes me agrivated when I am put into a group with people who do stupid stuff like this

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