When it comes to swimming in the ocean, nearly everyone’s biggest fear is sharks, but there’s something else lurking in the water that you need to watch out for, too.

This “thing” doesn’t have rows of razor-sharp teeth like sharks do, but it will grab a hold of you and drag you out to sea in seconds if you’re not careful.

We’re talking about rip currents, which are strong, narrow currents that flow outward from the beach, presenting a potentially deadly hazard for surfers and swimmers alike. Rip currents are often overlooked, mainly because most people don’t know how to spot them.

For instance, everybody knows if you see a shark’s dorsal fin cruising around in the water, you should make a beeline toward shore right away. Rip tides on the other hand, have a way of camouflaging themselves, making them even more dangerous.

The video below shows a few things you can look for in order to identify rip currents so you don’t get dragged out to sea:

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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