While snagging a shoreline tree branch doesn’t typically happen to anglers in pursuit of walleyes, those who target trout in streams or bass in lakes often end up with a prized lure dangling from a limb.

Thinking back over my fishing career, I can think of a couple times where I’ve caught largemouth bass with my line dangling over a tree branch . . . think yo-yoing a Texas-rigged worm into and out of the water while the line is suspended above. The bass eats the worm, I set the hook, then the weight of the fish is enough to pull the line free from the branch during the fight.

The video below shows a trout fishermen whose fly isn’t dangling freely from a branch as I’ve described above; instead, the hook itself appears to be stuck in wood. But the trout beneath the branch is there to save the day!

This is amazing footage; watch and enjoy.


Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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