About a month ago, we featured an artist who works with metal to create some of the coolest fish trophies we’ve ever seen. Click here to read the story; watch the amazing video of his work below.

We’re happy to report that Ken’s Custom Hammered Steel is doing better than ever, and now you can have a chance to win one of his trophies.

Ken stated in a recent Facebook post: “I’m giving away one fish with every new video to a random subscriber. My target is one new video a month of a different fish species, and one new fish giveaway at the end of each month. Thanks for your support!”

On Saturday, May 6 (yes, tomorrow), Ken plans another giveaway. Earlier this week he wrote: “New video and fish giveaway this Saturday. World record 22-pound 5-ounce largemouth bass.”

Of course, the current world record largemouth weighed 22 pounds 4 ounces and was caught by George Perry in Montgomery Lake, Georgia, in 1932.

There are two ways to enter. After Ken posts the bass building video on his Facebook page, simply place a comment in the appropriate section, or head over to his YouTube page and become a subscriber. He’ll choose one winner.

P.S. The fish shown at the top of this article aren’t world records, but they’re still cool. Shown is pair of 45-inch black and gold tarpon feeding on baitfish. Ken does amazing work!

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