Video: 10-Year-Old Girl Miraculously Pries Open Gator’s Mouth to Free Her Leg


A 10-year-old girl in Orlando, Florida, is the talk of the town after she pried an alligator’s jaws open to free her leg after the animal chomped down on her left knee, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission said.

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon, and the little girl had been swimming in a designated swim area of Lake Mary Jane, in approximately two feet deep water and roughly 10 feet from shore, ABC News reports.

Apparently, the girl wasn’t the only one enjoying the lake that day, as an 8-foot-9-inch-long alligator attacked her and got a firm grip on her leg with its powerful jaws.

Somehow, the young girl was able to remain calm enough to attempt to escape and she immediately began pounding the gator on its head. The gator was reluctant to give up its prey and tightened its grip on the girl’s leg — that is until she tried one last trick and jammed her fingers in the gator’s nostrils and it finally released her.

The girl was treated by lifeguards, taken by family members to a children’s hospital and was treated for several puncture wounds to the back of her knee and lower thigh, the state commission said.

We’ve seen the kind of carnage gators can dish out, so the fact that this girl was able to escape is nothing short of a miracle.

The gator was caught and removed from the lake and the lake was closed for swimming and surrounded by yellow caution tape.

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