Video: Epic Standoff Between Dog and Bear Turns Into Dramatic Pursuit


A dog went toe-to-toe with a large bear in the backyard of a home in Southern California on Tuesday.

According to KABC, the bear had just finished with its afternoon dip in the neighbor’s yard of the Bradbury residence and then wandered into another yard, where he was confronted by a domestic dog. Don’t be fooled though, this dog is one tough pooch.

After engaging in a short standoff, the dog had enough and it was time to escort this bear out of the yard. A dramatic pursuit commences and the dog shows the bear who’s boss – at least in this yard. . .

According to reports, this particular bear was known for causing a ruckus in the neighborhood. One family even had their screen door busted in and their refrigerator ransacked with only one suspect – the bear.

Deputies said the bear is tagged, so residents are confident this bear is the culprit in the neighborhood scandal.

“He makes a mess of our trash bin every night,” said resident Mike Tavakkoli.

“I’ve never seen him get into any trouble other than dumping the trash can, digging and looking for food,” said resident Alex Naranjo. “He eats some of my avocados or whatever fruit he can find and that’s pretty much it.”

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