A graphic video out of Yakutia, Russia, was taken showing several men deliberately running over a brown bear that was running away from their large Ural trucks as they chased it through the deep snow.

The men are reportedly shouting “Crush him!” while laughing hysterically as the truck backs over the bear in an attempt to finish it off, but that didn’t do it.

The Siberian Times said this of what transpired next:

“Trapped under two front wheels, the workers finish it off with a crowbar to the head.”

(That part was left out of the video, however the video is still hard to watch.)

Watching the video, it’s pretty clear these men killed the bear with no regard for wildlife. However, the men’s actions actually caused mixed reactions on social media, the counter argument being: “the bear had to be killed because it wasn’t hibernating.”

The minister of Nature Protection in the republic, Sarkhamin Afanasiev, said: “I ordered the hunting department to conduct a thorough investigation and take appropriate action.”

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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6 thoughts on “Graphic Video: Russian Truckers Maliciously Run Over Brown Bear

  1. It may very well have needed to be killed because it wasn’t hibernating, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to be killed in such an inhumane manner! A bullet to the head would have put it out of its misery humanely!

  2. I think these scumbags need to be slowly and painfully beaten to death with a crowbar, while a crowd of onlookers cheers & laughs hysterically. Bastards!

  3. Humans are the cruelest animals on the earth. We should be the protectors of all wildlife so future generations can enjoy the diversity of life on this planet. Man is one of the few creatures that kill for enjoyment.

  4. This is no surprise coming from a country where they have had no problem killing millions of their fellow people over the years.
    Disgusting, absolutely disgusting.

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