In Texas, there’s helicopter hunting for feral pigs. In the cold, vast North, there’s snowmobile hunting for wolves. Yeah, just wait until you see this dramatic encounter . . .

For some background on this video, it was reportedly taken in Kazakhstan, where wolf hunting is still very popular—and arguably less controversial than it is in North America. Traditionally, hunters employ specially-trained golden eagles to hunt wolves, but the art of training those majestic birds is dying out. Many modern Kazakh hunters now use snowmobiles to pursue wolves, which is still a grueling—and as you can see below—dangerous method of wolf hunting.

In this video, hunters demonstrate their steady shots shooting wolves while zooming through the snow. It’s definitely a contrarian method of hunting, but with so much ground to cover and snow up to your armpits, it’s tough to imagine making this trek on foot.

Now, let’s get to the meat and potatoes of this video. Right around the 1:30 mark, things take a scary turn. You’ll have to watch and see for yourself, but let’s just say look out for the teeth:

How’s that for a little adrenaline rush?

Just think, this hunter was only a few inches away from this video having a very different outcome. Even after being shot, this wolf still had plenty of fight in it, and probably would have torn that guy’s face off, had it not swallowed the barrel of his gun . . .

Understandably, this video is very controversial, and many hunters pointed out the many mistakes that these two men made, such as not putting down the wolf as quickly as possible, or getting so close to the predator in the first place.

What do you think? Is this a case that puts a black eye on hunting? Do you consider it fair chase? Is it hunting, or simply shooting? Or is it another dangerous lesson on hunting large predators?

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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25 thoughts on “Video: Wolf Hunter Counting His Blessings After This Dramatic Encounter

  1. I am am avid hunter, hiker and all over out of doors enthusiast. I think this sort of shooting is not hunting and is sad. The wolf was defending itself. It was not a fair chase at all.

  2. I call bullshit! There’s no sport in chasing animals down and shooting them while they’re trying to escape.

    1. Wolves as a general rule are not pests. They are an apex predator that controls grazing populations of prey animals so that flora can thrive. Think like a biologist.

  3. This is perhaps the most disgusting display of sportsmanship I’ve ever witnessed. The individuals involved in this incident belong behind bars.

  4. This is bullshit.
    This is not hunting, it is a cheap thrill.
    This does put a black mark against hunters even though it is not hunting.
    Recording and presenting this crap just hurts hunting.
    Certainly there are cases where the wolf population needs to be controlled, but don’t publicize it.

  5. Sorry guys, hunting from a machine is not sporting at all and it sullies all hunters reputations. The only exception should be for culling invasive species. But then that is culling, not hunting.

  6. Pretty crappy video this one. Does nothing for the sport of hunting their is no hunt here. Pest control at best.

  7. I join with the rest, Not Hunting, Not Sportsmanlike, and I don’t want to be associated with this type of killing. Want to hunt wolves? Get off the snowmobiles and walk in, stalk them, using a piece of machinery to chase them down and kill is pathetic. I’ve never hunted and killed anything I had no intention of eating, except paper targets and clay birds but they taste terrible anyway.

  8. Wow these idiots really make hunting look bad. What they are doing is not hunting. Really makes me upset actually. Should not be allowed to be done.

  9. I think that was awesome!! I wish we could kill wolves here like that. Maybe we would have some deer if we could kill all the wolves.

  10. This entire video is sick. It’s shameful that you’d even post this absolute crap. It’s nothing but a bloodbath to satisfy wolf haters. You are surely aware that the 12 year old White Lady of Yellowstone was recently poached, and now there is a reward of well over $10,000 for information leading to the arrest of whomever poached her. Only misinformed idiots can’t live with wolves. On occasion, they need to be managed but this video is nothing but a slaughter.

    1. I agree with you Lisa. These are not good people. They don’t represent my style of hunting and living.

  11. This is not sportsman like hunting and adding music to it isn’t cool. Im a hunter and I have hunted predators. I don’t put music to it nor do I record it and strap it on my truck to parade around town. I eat meat and I eat wild game. I am not a “Mother Earth person”. I believe in Man first but not to exploit. The wolf experiment in Yellowstone was And preceded to ravage Montana, Idaho, Oregon & Washington. Cows are just another Elk or Moose to them. I believe in predator control . Just me. If people don’t live in big cities and are farmers and Ranchers they have to deal with it. Many city people and environmentalists don’t get it. Their choice. Don’t talk to me about science and the big bad wolf not being real. Live in my world for a lifetime.

  12. I think this is senseless ,useless WASTE of natural wildlife!! And for WHAT/ A little FUN for the boys!!!!! If these men are so excited about a challenge,then leave your snow scooter at home and take the challenge on foot, lets just say on equal terms.

  13. I was rooting for the wolf. Eat what you kill unless it’s culling an invasive species. Then, be a sport and hunt on your feet. I support hunting but that was the 1% making all other hunters look bad.

  14. To qualify my remarks, I’ve been Hunting & Shooting & Fishing 50YEARS….North & South, small game, Varmint calling &every Big Game in N.America , Rifle, Revolver, Flintlock &Bow ,Also Fresh&Salt Water Fishing,
    Video was disgusting…. those Wolves died horrible DEATHS
    Those clowns don’t deserve to have a license ….if they don’t know what’s wrong there that proves my point ,
    The “antis” have a wealth of “ammo” in that “hunting video” AND Y’All know it!

  15. This not hunting. Riding on a motorized vehicle, chasing down a wolf until it can no longer run, and then shooting it at close range is senseless and a waste of wildlife. I have hunted for 40-years, and this not hunting, nor is it a sport. Where is a game warden when you need one?

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