Pastor Trying To Walk on Water Gets Eaten by 3 Crocodiles


A pastor who attempted to recreate a scene out of the Bible was reportedly eaten by crocodiles in South Africa after trying to walk across the Crocodile River.

Let’s pause right there for just a second . . .

When trying to perform a feat such as walking on water, why choose a river that’s named CROCODILE RIVER?!

Zimbabwe Today reports Pastor Mthethwa of the ‘Saint Of The Last Days’ church walked into the water about 30 yards and attempted to walk on water. Instead, three crocodiles arrived, and they weren’t about to pass up on an easy meal.

“They finished him in a couple of minutes. All that was left of him when they were finished eating him was a pair of sandals and his underwear floating about the water,” Deacon Nkost said.

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